Document about the Nobility from the period of Empress Catherine II.(the Great)


confirmation about the nobility for the Regiment Office Employee Mister Pantelimon Grigorjewich Taranowskij, after the enactment from the 21.04.1785 his family was entered in the nobilitybook of the Kiew Gouvernement, dated 23.January 1795, on handmade paper printed and hand written document with large seal and many signatures, beautiful document/diploma from the period of Empress Catherine II.(the Great), with a certified copy of the document (on the backside certified at the 21.January 1824), and a hand painted coat of arms of the family Taranowskij dated April 1798. Outstanding document set, extremly rare

Dimensions: B 75,5 cm × H 54 cm
Condition: II+
Limit: 1.000 €
Sold for 2.200 €
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