Huge Presentation Vase of Emperor Wilhem I.of Prussia around 1880


huge KPM porcelain vase complete with the octagonal pedestal and black wooden column, dark blue glazed porcelain vase with rich gilding, centre view with large portrait of Emperor Wilhelm I., white not glazed handles in beautiful large floral decor partly gilded (handles with small restoration), seperat screwed round base completly gilded and with KPM marking`s (height of vase 74 cm), octagonal white/blue/golden glazed pedestal with KPM marking`s (height of pedestal 9 cm), large black wooden column with floral octagonal ends, specialy for this vase produced column, hollow worked filled with sand (height of the column 119 cm).

Outstanding complete presentation vase of the Emperor with matching column, first class eyecatcher, extremly rare matching Set.

This vase came out of a princely property. The buyer will receive a owners proof

Dimensions: H 193 cm / 83 cm G 13,4 Kilo
Condition: II+
Limit: 15.000 €
not sold
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