Sabre for Bravery of the Naval Officers Model 1855, arond 1900

with applied Order of Saint Anne, straigt single edged blade with a double edged point, three quarters of the blade with etched, gilded ornaments and blue etching, obverse with monogram "H I" and naval battle scene, reverse with double headed russian eagle and also naval battle scene, blade back with gilded oak leaf decor, gilded brass knuckle bow hilt with two guard bars (both with cyrillic inscription "For Bravery"), black leather covered grip with gilded brass wire winding, black/redbrown covered wooden scabbard with gilded brass mountings and two suspension rings, beautiful condition, extremly rare bravery edged weapon for naval officers
Dimensions: L 97 cm × B 3 cm Klinge
Condition: II+
Limit: 10.000 €
not sold
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