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Honour Sabre of the russian Emperor Alexander I., made by Ivan Bushujew. Zlatoust 1825


russian Cavallery Officers Sabre model around 1820, very wide, massiv, curved, single edged blade with fullers, three quarters of the blade with etched, gilded ornaments and blue etching, obverse with monogram "A I" in wreath hold by angels on both sides, reverse with double headed russian eagle in wreath also hold by angels, blade back bears the inscription "I.Bushujew.Zlatoust im Jahre 1825", gilded massiv brass hilt, black leather covered grip with gilded brass wire winding, without scabbard, beautiful condition

Fantastic Sabre of this most brilliant master of the "Cold Weapons" from Zlatoust Ivan Bushujew. From what we know this is the first Bushujew weapon which was offered for sale since more than 10 years. Unique chance to own such a piece which is normaly only for display in the Eremitage in Sankt Petersbourg. View similar Sabre/Blade in the book "Steel Gloss Gold" of Juri A.Miller on side 150/51

Dimensions: L 98,5 cm × B 4,5 cm Klinge
Condition: II+
Limit: 35.000 €
Sold for 80.000 €
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