Huge General Staff Strategic Map of Russia ”Carte de Russie” from the year 1813


in scale of 1:500.000, very huge map of Russia with parts of Finland, Poland and Transilvania, from the Ladoga Lake to the Black Sea, very detailed multi colored map with thousands of place names, streets, distances, rivers, etc., partly printed with hand written and hand painted supplements, the total size is 9 (nine) square metres, because of this size the map came in two parts, the two single parts are inscribed in french with the original wrapping with owner mark “Graf Wallmoden”, this is the personal map of the russian General Graf Wallmoden who was the commanding General of the russian/german Corps in the years 1813 to 1815 (please also see the order breast stars of Graf Wallmoden we have for sale in this auction). Unique map out of time of the great napoleonic wars. Perfect decoration subject for a large wall

Dimensions: B 247 cm × H 360 cm
Condition: I-
Limit: 3.000 €
Sold for 5.000 €
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